3 Simple Ways to Get Sugar Daddy's Attention

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3 Simple Ways to Get Sugar Daddy's Attention Well, let me start with something controversial. As a sugar baby from some exclusive dating sites, there are plenty of ways to get sugar daddy's attention for a while. But to have a chance of keeping it, you have to put some real thought into it, not just wear a red dress, and then have no follow-up plan to keep his attention. Now, here are 3 ways to grab sugar daddy's attention. I will describe them in detail and prepare you for success.

Functional attraction
Sure, there's always sex appeal, but not many people really know how to handle it. Most people think they have to change their appearance by exercising, dieting, putting on makeup or buying a brand new wardrobe. But true sexiness can be achieved in more subtle ways.

Selflessness - focusing on changing yourself and getting noticed not only makes you look desperate, but it's a very self-centered way of doing things. Altruism and helpfulness in general make everyone, male and female, more attractive and more suitable as a romantic partner, according to a study.

Be mysterious - familiarity helps make your sugar daddy miss you. But when it comes to attracting attention, it helps add a sense of mystery to the mix. For example, people who convey a sense of adventure on social media tend to be perceived as more exciting. You start to wonder what they're going to do next.

Be creative - psychologically, we tend to think of creativity as a manifestation of intelligence. (That’s why so many women love musicians, at least that's what I've heard)

Approachable - your body language says a lot about you. Unfortunately, RBF is one thing. I sympathize with you, if you have any. But if you know that you tend to be hard to approach because of it or your tendency to cross your arms and slough, it's time to make some changes to your posture. I'm not talking about putting a fake smile on your face or anything. The idea here is just to see how you come across. If so, just lift your chin slightly and keep your eyes slightly open. Avoid crossing your arms or legs.

Optimize your social media
We're going to break this down into steps, because it's easy to make it more complicated than it actually is.

Step 1: define your values

Well, you need to decide who you are before Posting pictures of your skin and partying with everyone in the sun. Sitting may seem like a psychological adventure for deep diving, but you can keep it as simple as possible. It doesn't take much soul searching to do this, you just need to ask yourself some questions. Is it important to you to be considered a good person? You may want to avoid swearing or limit the labels your friends give you. Do you want to be a health-conscious person? Maybe sharing interesting recipes and exercises is right for you. You just don't want to be the annoying person who keeps posting. Do you tend to post negative things when you are faced with emotional challenges? Maybe you want to force yourself to save these posts and edit them into something positive before you post them. For those who are imaginative, there is a way to easily determine the values and characteristics you want to focus on.

In summary, as you continue to optimize your social media, either create a set of rules for yourself or create a statement that represents that optimal you. From now on, everything you post will be subject to these rules.

Step 2: update the platform

Delete old photos that don't reflect your decision's values. You can save photos without having to show them to everyone. Remove questionable posts that are not value-oriented from the past. Join a social media community that matches your values and concerns. Resolve to be consistent, but not excessive. The goal is to integrate your partner into your life. If you update your account and it's no longer active, there's no reason for him to follow it. Social media can be a great tool, but it can also be your weakness. The trick here is to find a compromise. Stick to three or four a week. Notice I said a week!! Not three or four times a day. Only then will you have an important feeling for your post and think about how to make a post.

Step 3: cultivate the tone

"It's not what you say, it's how you say it." Avoid negativity. That's what I said before. If you tend to publish when you're emotional, it's important to put this article aside and look back on it when you feel calmer. Weekly email restrictions will also help. You don't want to waste your posts on something that doesn't represent your best. On the contrary, if you look back on it and you think it's still worth publishing, find a way to reframe it in a more positive way. If you always post something that makes people feel bad or sorry for you, they will avoid looking at your page. But if you make them feel good about themselves, or get excited about your next venture, you'll cultivate a repeat customer.

Pattern interrupt
Pattern breaks are anything that catches his attention enough to stop what he's doing. For example, if you're going to interrupt him with a text message, you won't send him a simple "hey." You're more likely to use phrases like "you won't believe what I just saw! The trick here is that you have to be able to sustain that excitement. I mean, you can't just tell him you saw his car parked at the grocery store. It's a kind of anticlimactic stalking. Instead, do something you know he can't resist, like watching a star, as long as it's something he's really interested in. Or another route you can take is, "oh my god, guess what I just did! “Or 'you’ll never believe what just happened to me! The goal is simple: to stimulate his interest and make him stop and focus. Pretty simple, right?

These steps will help you get sugar daddy's attention and hopefully his. If you need further help, follow Exclusivedatingsite.com and we will provide you with relationship expert guidance!