4 Tips For Dating A Sugar Baby With Different Political Views

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4 Tips For Dating A Sugar Baby With Different Political Views Are you thinking about dating a sugar baby whose political views differ from yours? As a sugar daddy, whether you're a staunch conservative, a liberal, or somewhere in between, I bet you might hesitate to talk politics on your first date with a sugar baby. After all, you never know if your political views will annoy others and vice versa. Do you really want to know her position on some sensitive political issues? Anyway, why do you do that when you first meet a sugar baby?

But at the same time, honesty is key if you want to find someone who is right for you. The same goes for listening to the other person's point of view: you don't want to limit your dating circle by excluding the other person just because of their politics, because the differences between you may be much smaller than you think. So what's the best way to handle politics on a sugar date? Should you "expose" yourself on your sugar daddy dating profile? What if you date a sugar baby who doesn't share your politics? Does it matter?

Okay, let's get started. Starting with your first impression, here are my 4 tips for dating sugar babies with different political views.

1. Don't avoid politics
First, you shouldn't shy away from politics, even if you're dating a sugar baby with a different political point of view. There are several reasons for this.

First, sharing political views profoundly expresses your values, and you want to find a sugar baby that matches your values in order to build a satisfying sugar relationship. For many people, their political views are tied to their definitions of life, happiness, and freedom. If you're one of them, it's important to be politically consistent.

Second, a political conversation can stir her emotions. When you talk about values (political or otherwise), you'll be surprised at the emotional level it brings to people. And that emotion -- even anger -- can create tension, which is better than being overly agreeable, because sugar babies may interpret it as weakness and boredom.

That being said, when should you present your political views to her? It depends on how important it is to you. Are you very committed to politics and your views? Then you might want to bring it up on the second date. On the other hand, if you don't live by your political views, you can wait until you have a better relationship.

2. Observe how you communicate
Since you don't see eye to eye on major political issues, this gives you a chance to see if you can communicate peacefully. Do you shout and interrupt each other before they have time to interrupt? Are any of you making fun of someone else's point of view? It's telling to disagree with someone. So we are clear that here are some signs of a high EQ discussion that you will all:

Think before you speak, not just react; Avoid personal attacks; Avoid taking things personally; Point out what you agree with; Respect each other's origin; Admit your mistakes.

If things don't go that way, then maybe she's not for you -- not because of her political views, but because your discussions reveal her (or you) emotional intelligence. Use your political dialogue as a litmus test to see if you can communicate well on difficult issues, and if you can't, you're not really right for each other.

3. Use qualifiers in your sugar daddy profile
What is a qualifier? Like what does your sugar baby need, like, or want? Or what your sugar baby must have. It's okay to mention this in your sugar daddy profile, because no sugar daddy wants a sugar daddy who can accept anyone. Of course, this could lead to the liberal sugar baby slipping away immediately -- but it could also lead to the sexy conservative sugar baby taking an interest in you because you have similar views.

Also, if certain political views are decisive to you, you'd better make them public so that you don't waste time with the wrong people. So, by using qualifiers strategically in your sugar daddy profile, you will naturally weed out sugar babies that are incompatible with you. Don't be afraid to drive away those who are not consistent with your values of sugar baby, after all, wave goodbye to the wrong, to meet the right.

4. Go ahead and write your politics on your sugar daddy profile
As we all know, one of the key points in politics is that you can never get 100 percent of the vote. It's the same with dating. You can't get every sugar baby interested in you. So, regardless of your political views, write them confidently on your sugar daddy profile. Do it in a short, conversational way (please don't yell!). By talking openly about your political views, you'll let her know that you're not afraid to be yourself and that you won't sacrifice yourself -- or even her -- to please others. Deep down, she will find that you are real. In fact, she wants you to have a mind of your own. If you are too agreeable to everyone, you will bore everyone, which means you will be forgotten.

If you think politics is too polarizing to mention in your sugar daddy profile, just look at President trump. He clearly polarized the electorate. To this day, people either love or hate him -- with little ambivalence. But that's why he's the President, and no matter how you feel about him, he stands his ground. This has strengthened the support of those who agree with him. The same goes for dating.

So you shouldn't be afraid to put your political views on your sugar daddy profile, as long as the wording is positive. You don't want your profile to be negative because it can backfire. A good way to make sure your tone is right is to join some sugar daddy dating sites and practice with a dating coach. He or she will tell you whether you are acting confident or disagreeable and can recommend the best words.

To sum up, one important thing to keep in mind is that we are all rational adults, at least to a large extent. If you find an interesting person who happens to have different political views, if you give him a chance, you may find that you have more in common. Using the techniques above to help you treat each situation with respect, you may be surprised at how well your world -- and your dating pool -- is going.