Online Rich Dating Scams And How To Identify Them


Online Rich Dating Scams And How To Identify Them Scam is when scammers exploit people's weaknesses -- their fears and deep insecurities. Unsurprisingly, scams are particularly rampant in online dating. With the rise of online dating sites for rich millionaires, scammers have basically begun raiding gold mines. According to the FTC, Americans lost $143 million to online dating scams in 2018, making online dating scams a major source of scam in contemporary American life.

So, as a potential online dater, what can you do in this case other than read a few safe rules for online rich dating? As it turns out, the following rules of thumb will make you far less likely to be cheated, let alone lose money. Here's what you need to know about online rich dating scams:

1. How do online scammers operate
Online scammers generally use the virtual world of the Internet, posing as a real date partner, cheat people's money. At the heart of the online money dating scam is the idea that people are willing to connect with people they've never met online, often just by sending photos, instant messages, emails and text messages. Although online dating has become common, dating strangers is always risky. You may end up contacting someone with a fake profile who is just trying to trick you, not build a relationship with you. Their ultimate goal is to cheat, after all, the rich dating sites members are all elite.

Online, online scammers quickly 'fall in love' and start making up lies to ask for money, such as a loved one needing surgery (which never happens), a company running out of money, and so on. Once the money is in place, however, they will continue to demand more -- or disappear altogether. While this can happen to people of any age, gender, race or sexual orientation, there are certain characteristics of scam against men.

Those cheated men are usually struggling to find love on the Internet, but not easy to find men. One common scam tactic: they're the first to text or 'like' men. Their profiles are often filled with pictures of beautiful women, and their hobbies are every man's dream for a woman (watching soccer, playing video games, watching sports, etc.). Of course, sometimes it's easier to scam -- they're just pretending to be attracted to you in order to get a small amount of money. Or the scammer girl will say they want video chat, but of course, they're actually a webcam girl, and being able to talk to them (naked, of course) costs money. It's also possible that you're looking at a robot instead of a real person on the other end.

2. How to identify online scammers
If you want to know how to identify online scammers and prevent them from taking money away from you, here are some common clues you can take a look at when it comes to online rich dating scammers.

3. They refused to meet in person
There must be something wrong with refusing to meet, even though you've already been video. When they refuse to meet, there must be something wrong. Of course, this doesn't mean that anyone who doesn't want to meet is a liar, nor does it mean that every liar will refuse to meet -- but the two often go hand in hand. So be careful if they don't want to see you, especially if they say they're going on a business trip. There's a reason cheaters don't want to talk face to face. If they are cheating on you, they will come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid meeting: work, family illness, distance, etc.

However, there are some clever online scammers who won't just say no, but will give you hope. They might add: "they might make an appointment to meet at a certain time, but because of 'flight cancellations' or' sudden changes in plans' they always leave at the last minute."

4. They are too good to be true
Online scammers often disguise themselves well to look perfect. To make sure they catch more people, scammers use beautiful photos (not themselves) and fake personal dating profiles to build a profile that has broad appeal. If your potential date claims to be in a high-paying profession, such as a doctor or lawyer (each of which requires local enrollment or certification), you should do your research before considering whether you've found a wealthy partner. They may even let you know that they have incredibly good social connections that can help you with your work and life, which may be a way to attract you. Some people are attracted to stars, and if there is hope of meeting rich and powerful celebrities, they may continue to talk to people they are not interested in.

5. They ask you for money
Needless to say, a con artist is someone who wants to take your money. Everything they say and do is so they can steal your money from you -- that's the definition of online dating scam. So if your potential date online asks you for money, it's a big red flag, especially if you're in the early stages and have never met. Scammers often make up outrageous stories, asking you for money on behalf of a sick relative, taking out a short-term loan to pay the rent, or if their company is having cash problems. But some people are more calculating and patient, waiting until they believe you're emotionally invested in the relationship before asking for money. Sure, some requests for money can be true, but if you've never met, it's probably a scam, no matter how real your relationship is. Try not to risk it!

6. They force you to switch to email
While it's okay to move your contacts from a rich dating sites or apps to a more personal conversation, like texting or e-mailing, scammers often force you to switch to email early -- as part of their strategy. Scammers don't like to stay on dating sites, because it means that you don't pay attention to him, after all, online dating gives us more options, he is afraid of losing you to the next person. If you're on a dating site, it means you're talking to someone else and you're not likely to give them all your heart, then how can he fool you? At the same time, another reason they want to leave the site is that they are sending messages to hundreds of other users who might report them and then kick them off the site. So, it's part of their scam.

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